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  Guided Wave Ultrasonic Testing (LRUT)
Guided Wave Ultrasonic Testing is one of latest methods in the field of non-destructive evaluation. The method employs mechanical stress waves that propagate along an elongated structure while guided by its boundaries. This allows the waves to travel a long distance with little loss in energy. Nowadays, GWT is widely used to inspect and screen many engineering structures, particularly for the inspection of metallic pipelines around the world. In some cases, hundreds of meters can be inspected from a single location.

Although Guided Wave testing is also commonly known as Guided Wave Ultrasonic Testing (GWUT) or Long Range Ultrasonic Testing (LRUT), it is fundamentally very different to conventional ultrasonic testing. Guided Wave testing uses very low ultrasonic frequencies compared to those used in conventional UT, typically between 10~100kHz. However, higher frequency can also be used in some cases but detection range is severely reduced. In additional, the underlying physics of guided wave is more complex than bulk waves.

Asset Integrity Management plays a key role in the maintenance and improvement of process performance on plants. As a result of external factors and use, offshore and onshore facilities and their components may experience material failure like corrosion, wall loss, mechanical integrity anomaly, stress and strain during their service life. These effects are potentially dangerous and can result in unplanned shutdown.
Low frequency ultrasonic waves are used to detect defects and imperfections some distance away from the ultrasonic source in a range of components. A typical application of LRUT is the detection of corrosion and metal loss in pipes and pipelines. A set of piezoelectric transducers sends the ultrasonic waves in both directions along the length of the pipe. The same transducers detect the return signal and identify how far along the pipe the imperfections lie.

This technology is particularly suitable for inspecting pipes that are covered in insulation, run under roads or are buried, as a significant length of pipe can be inspected by uncovering a small amount of the pipe at a single location. Although propagation distances vary according to pipe geometry, contents, coating/insulation and general condition, it is not unusual that a range of up to 30m (100') in either direction from the transducer can be inspected.Long range (or Guided Wave) ultrasonic inspection is different from >conventional ultrasonic inspection , since a ring of transducers fitted round the outside of the part being inspected sends a sound wave along the length of the component, rather than through it. The component itself (more often than not, a pipe) constrains, or guides, the waves along the pipe wall, hence the term 'Guided Waves'. Guided Waves are a special case of plate waves in a pipe. The particle displacements are similar, but because the pipe acts as a wave-guide, the pulses can travel over even longer distances, exceeding 100m under some conditions.

Long range ultrasonic technologies have been proven for use in pipes with diameters from 1.5" to 48". However, the methods and equipment have been adapted for further applications, including:
Chemical plant: heat exchangers, embedded and cased pipes, storage tanks
Oil and gas: offshore structures, risers, flow lines
Automotive and aerospace: oil tanks
Constructions: bridges, ropes, jetty, sheet piling, rails, chains

Specialized NDT Services use TWI’s Focus/Wavescan Guided Wave Equipment, Which got comparatively high quality results then other Guided Wave Equipments.Our management got plenty of experience with this technology, last 9 years our Specialist Completed  1200KM’s of  Pipeline including 250Km’s of Underground Pipeline around the globe

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